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Advanced low and high acid aseptic processing and packaging. From small-batch runs to commercial-scale contract manufacturing. Liquids and purees. Blending, compounding and unitized packaging.

We are
TRU to Nature™

Our mission is to produce food and beverage ingredients that promote life, health and well-being.

We Put Good Stuff
In Good Stuff℠

Fruits & Vegetables. Plant & Dairy-Based Products. Teas & Coffees. Concentrates & Purees. In responsible packaging. Naturally.

About Tru Aseptics LLC

Clean label.
Shelf stable.

“Clean label” is no longer a trend – it’s the rule! And it’s a challenge as consumers demand more natural ingredients and retailers expect a long shelf life. So we did our homework! TRU Aseptics delivers safe, high-quality, shelf-stable products that do not require preservatives, artificial ingredients, or refrigerated storage and distribution. Clean-label food products that are good for people, good for the planet and TRU to Nature™.



TRU Aseptics is a privately-held aseptic contract manufacturer founded in December 2016. The TRU team has nearly 100 combined years of food and beverage processing experience, 31 in aseptic processing. Our 62,500-square-foot facility offers the most flexible, advanced aseptic processing and packaging technologies.



Centrally located in Beloit, Wisconsin, TRU’s headquarters is 1 1/2 hours from Chicago and adjacent to North America’s largest intermodal hubs, serving the US and global markets.



TRU is a "Pure Play" contract manufacturing company. We do not have our own brands or products that compete against our clients.

Facility Benefits


TRU's Beloit facility offers the most advanced automated blending and processing technologies in North America. Flexible batch sizes range from as small as 1,000 gallons to a maximum of 24,000 gallons of continuous processing within a daily 20-hour operating run.

Facility Benefits


Custom-designed software and plant automation technologies blend key ingredients from individual storage tanks and batching stations. Product movement and blending take place in a completely closed system, eliminating contamination risk. The end product adheres to the customer’s exact formula specifications. Every time.



No frozen storage or cold-chain channels. Lower supply chain costs, less waste, fewer food safety risks. Reduced cost of goods and inventory turnover improvement of 2x or better.



By using compounds and unitized packaging, batching time can be reduced by 50% or more.


100 days

With our small batch runs, new products can be tested and commercialized in as little as 100 days.


Liquid Aseptic Solutions™

Compounding, blending and unitized packaging are some of our aseptic solutions that give both major brands and startup companies the cost and quality control necessary to be competitive. We also offer a portfolio of value-added services and capabilities that set us apart from our competition. Explore below to discover more. How may we help you?

Transfer Systems

Liquid products are transferred over a 2.5-mile superhighway of stainless steel pipe, guided by 280 computer-controlled valves. TRU's automation reduces cost, cuts time and produces accurate, consistent products for our customers.

Transfer Systems

Bulk unloading and storage.

TRU has inside tanker loading and unloading capabilities, with bulk ambient and refrigerated storage capabilities of over 48,000 gallons.

Bulk unloading and storage.

Low and High Acid Products

We offer both low and high acid processing in a single plant location. Capabilities range from fruit and vegetable liquids to dairy and non-dairy alternatives made from rice, soy, almonds or other plant-based ingredients.

Low and High Acid Products

Small Batch Capabilities

TRU offers clients an affordable and responsive alternative to ingredient and beverage development challenges. Acting as a 'captive incubator', TRU provides scalable support from inception to full commercialization of virtually any liquid ingredient or beverage in a single plant.

Small Batch Capabilities


Integrated, Customized Liquid Aseptic Solutions™

Over 280 fully automated valves and flow meters servicing 2.5 miles of stainless steel piping. Automated batch and bulk blending. Multiple aseptic processing platforms. Low and high acid products. We offer endless aseptic processing capabilities to meet all your food ingredient and beverage needs.


Aseptically packaged fruit, vegetable, plant and dairy-based ingredients:

  • Single strength
  • Concentrates
  • Purees


Trial runs from 1,000 gallons to 12,000-gallon batches

Batches from 1,000 to 24,000 gallons within 20 hours


Industrial bulk aseptic

  • 55-gallon drums
  • 275/300/370-gallon totes
  • Custom unitized packaging of 1 to 5,000 gallons

Foodservice Bag in Box

  • 0.8 to 5.3 gallons / 5 to 20 liters
  • Many fitments to serve the needs of your market